Thursday, 29 March 2012

Bridestones Quicky

     The Bridestones are a series of pinnacles and buttresses on the edge of Dalby Forest.  It's a scenic place that's popular with tourists and only a few miles from Dalby Activity Centre which makes it a useful spot to head to for some after-work exercise.

     The rock here is all on the soft side and can be very sandy in places, I can't say it inspires me much but it is certainly a unique venue.  It's also very steep making everything strenuous.

     There were a couple of groups on the pinnacles when I arrived so I headed to the quieter buttresses to do some circuits.  I found a place with two good handholds where I could kind-of rest and made short excursions out from there onto steeper ground before returning pumped, shaking out for 30seconds or so and heading out again to repeat the process until I fell off.  After a couple of these 'sessions' my arms were solid and my fingers tired so I took a round trip down the valley on a rubbish newly-stoned path and back to the car.

     It's surprised me the last few days just how tired I am getting after just 4 or 5 steep moves.  Regularly getting on overhanging and pumpy circuits might be a good way to improve my strength and stamina, I'm going to head to Ravenswick on Sunday to see how I get on with the traverses there.

A free  guide to Bridestones is available here

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