Thursday, 15 March 2012


     As it was such a sunny day today a return journey was called for to a spot I visited last month (Two Newish Venues, 18th Feb 2012).  As it was getting dark that day I had failed to get up a problem I had commented was a bit too hard.  It's a pretty insignificant problem in the grand scheme of things really, it doesn't stand out as a 'climb me' line and I have no idea of it's name or grade but the moves had felt good even though I couldn't complete them and the failure had played on my mind for nearly 4 weeks.  Sometimes there are only two grades for things I try to climb, easy or impossible.  I came at the problem a bit more thoughtfully today, looking at all the holds and the best way to grab and use them and visualising the body and feet positions that would be needed.  After practicing a couple of the higher moves to see if the way I wanted to do it would work I sat down underneath.  I got the sequence correct straight away and was soon at the top.  Easy!


     Other problems I was shown here today were a slab with a couple of decent but slightly sandy lines on it and an arete that climbed great but should have been longer. Many of the lines here will benefit from some more traffic.

     Across the valley some cleaning but not a lot of climbing had taken place last time.  After a nice easy ramble on one of the bigger bits of rock it was time to go look at the little roof that was clean and dry but unfortunately impossible.

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