Sunday, 1 April 2012


     I had high hopes for the weekend which unfortunately didn't come off due to wrist pain.  I must have done myself a mischief at Bridestones but didn't feel any discomfort until the following morning.  Although still not 100% today I was eager to do something, the weather looks set poor for the week ahead and it was such a warm, still evening.  I've not been a fan of Ravenswick in the past but tonight the limestone walls were bathed in the last orange light of the retreating sun and for the first time the place actually felt friendly.  As usual I had the place to myself.

     The walls here are steep and the rock (disregarding the top of the crag) is generally solid, if a little dusty and as with most limestone it has a bit of polish.

     I started with a little warm-up, off and on using the bigger holds and concentrating on footwork and smooth movement with only maybe 30seconds or so between rests.  Despite this I found myself pumped almost instantly.  I sat and rested until it had eased but it happened again...and again.  I could feel it in my fingers as well as my forearms.  After a good rest I had a go at one of the traverses but only got halfway along what last year I was cruising with little effort.  The resting place I used to use to relax and depump I found useless today, I just wasn't getting anything back.

     Either I'm just having a bad day, am still recovering from some straining from the other day or maybe I'm just tired.  I don't know but it's certainly knocked me down a peg or two.  The only positive I can really take from today is that technique-wise I'm feeling like I am moving well.

     A bit of low grade soloing on the easier angled walls around the alcove made me feel a little better, able to hang around a bit more and enjoy the climbing while the sun disappeared.

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