Monday, 12 March 2012

Some Old Footage From Scugdale

Scugdale from Martin Whitton on Vimeo.
     I rediscovered this short film of me the other day.  I made it on Windows Moviemaker and it used to have a beginning sequence but it was slightly embarrassing and so I've omitted it.  I think this was around 2009 and has Tippling Wall, Black Banned, Parsons Nose and Eve Left Hand.  For some reason there are a couple of photos of Pebble Climb at the Wainstones too.  This brings back some great memories of being on my own at Scugdale, feeling like I was doing something really special.  I remember Eve vividly, one cold, windy winter day.  It ain't half got a terrible landing and I haven't even considered doing it my last few visits.  I've failed at Black Banned on a good few occasions recently too which proves I've lost a lot of strength.  Must try harder.
     The images may be slightly grainy as I wanted to keep the size of the video down but it looks ok in the small window.

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