Sunday, 15 April 2012

Robin Hoods Stride

     Robin Hoods Stride is a popular tourist spot just a few miles West of Matlock.  It sits on an obvious hilltop with little walls and towers surrounded by a field of good sized boulders.
     After getting slightly confused with the layout I found the obvious Dorsal Fin, a fine boulder with a bit of everything.  A few slabby problems on pockets, a little crack and a classy groove made a good warm-up before a kindly gent pointed us towards the Lower Boulders I had been looking for.  I told him my criticisms of the guidebook only to be told that he had in-fact helped to write the thing.  A sharpish exit was called for over to Kaluza Klein, another Hard Grit line that it was just nice to stand underneath and look at in awe.  Below this is a fine layback crack that goes at an amenable grade and was super fantastic!
     Down at the lower boulders I climbed a nice airy highball called The Staircase (as the name suggests it weren’t that hard) and some great slabs on slopers and high committing steps.  The rock was quite smooth in parts and was warm in the sunshine but the friction still felt great and the occasional small pebble helped with progress.

     The highlight of the visit was Short Arete, quality moves up the sloping left arête of The Green Boulder.  Surprisingly I found I had incredible trust in my feet today despite most of the footholds being ‘non-holds’.  I was so chuffed to get this second go I did it another 3 times without difficulty after I’d sussed the sequence.  It’s always easy when you know how!

     Some of the best looking lines were a little high for only one pad but I’ve had a great day bouldering at a venue I will have to return to with some more mats and spotters.

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