Friday, 7 September 2012

The Castleton Rigg Quarries

    I was recently informed about some new additions to the climbs around Castleton Rigg.  Two quarries that I can't believe I haven't visited before.  Brown Hill is obvious from the main Blakey road (if you're looking for it) and Westerdale View is slightly hidden away in an area I thought I'd explored pretty thoroughly.  Including the main Quarry on the Rigg and Stormy Halls there's a decent amount of climbing to be had now, in a place that sees very few visitors.
Brown Hill Quarry
     At first glance Brown Hill looks a bit of a grotty hole but on closer inspection the rock on its main wall is excellent.
     There are some ok climbs that were originally done to the top and given trad grades but the good holds at 3/4 height are an obvious place to finish if doing them as boulder problems.  Although nothing sticks in my mind as particularly memorable the closeness to the road make it worth a visit.  The traverse was a bit problematic for me but it gives me a reason to revisit next time I'm passing.

Photos : Ste Phelps on Brown Hills main wall
Westerdale View
     Westerdale View faces West at the Northern end of Castleton Rigg.  Again it doesn't look incredibly inspiring due to a shatterd layer at the top but the lower moves are on good rock and offer a decent variety.  The big downward pointing flake has a great sit start beneath it, reaching out right for a slippery handjam.  Just right of this another sit start at a dodgy-feeling flake gives good sport.  Many easier problems could be worked out but there are currently only a handful of the harder ones documented.  I'm pretty weak at the moment, unable to summon the energy to top-out I didn't actually get up much today but had a decent session nevertheless.

Above : Ste Phelps at Westerdale View

Some info on these venues is currently available on UKC

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