Monday, 16 July 2012

Stoney Wicks

     A quick trip to Stoney Wicks to take some pictures today.  Facing South East, Stoney lies higher and just East of Barkers (The Quiet Side of Scugdale, May 2012), clearly visible from the track that runs along the top of the edge, jutting out of the hillside.   The rock is fantastic, solid and harder than the rest of Scugdale.  I'd say it's a shame it isn't bigger but the height and general friendly feel of the place make it a great place to go on your own.  You're almost guaranteed solitude and the views down Raisdale into Bilsdale give a different perspective from the other crags in the dale.

Stoney Wicks - LHS
    I've visited here lots over the years, a few years ago I made a paper miniguide I titled Stoney Wicks and Beyond as many problems were unrecorded, indeed the right-hand-side of Stoney didn't even get a mention anywhere.  I wanted some new pictures to make a printable guide I can put on here but the panaramics didn't work out quite as well as I'd hoped so another visit will be needed before I can finish it.

360degree view from the RHS of Stoney

the view across to Barkers'

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