Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Lazy Days - Park Nab

     Park Nab sits prominent on a hill above Kildale, a sandstone outcrop with a great outlook over a quiet, scenic part of the moors.  The climbs aren't very big but there's some good-looking lines here, Longbow being the obvious challenge, plainly visible from the road.  
     I had one of those days on Monday when climbing is just good fun, I spent a lot of time just lazing about in the sun enjoying the views with the crag to myself.  And on a Bank Holiday!  I did most of the easy climbs, many more than once, using the bouldering mat to cover up any pointy rocks.  Going above my comfortable bouldering height and being alone I felt it prudent to break out the helmet.
     I've been enjoying playing with Movie Maker so I took some footage trying out some different angles and playing with the fade effect which I may have over-egged a little.  It's still just a collection of climbs, missing a narrative.  Hopefully an improvement on my last vid though.


  1. Look's like you had fun there mate we'll have to get out to Scugdale for some bouldering mate :)

  2. I did indeed. Park Nab has some great easy leads, if you've still got your gear you should get yerself there.
    Scuggy's pretty local for you now, I may be up there Tuesday if the weather's ok.

  3. Fantastic video! Looks like it was a great day to be climbing as well.