Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Ravensdale / Stoupe Brow - East Coast Bouldering

Barry and Bervert (the boulders) looking out to Robin Hoods Bay
One of many failures
Barry - The biggest of big moors boulders

Left - Easier problems on the Little Boulder

Right - A great crack on Bervert
Steven doing a new problem on the Smugglers Block
Blue skies and good rock
     Ravensdale aka Stoupe Brow is high above the coast with a great outlook.  It's got two of the biggest boulders on the moors sat beneath a large cliff which has seen some development relatively recently.  It's also about a 2 minute walk-in/bushwhack.  Too much exercise is bad for me when it's hot and today was pretty warm.
     There were some great problems here on Bervert (the smaller boulder) but also on some of the other boulders that litter the hillside.  There were many failures for me but that only gives me a good reason to return.
     The seagulls didn't appreciate us going near the cliff today, unloading the occasional 'dirty bomb' as they tried to warn us away from their nests.  Ste managed a new line on the 'smugglers block', a short slopey lip traverse which I should have been able to do but couldn't.  The crack on the landward side of Bervert was a particular highlight, though apparently meant to be a sit-start it was great from standing.  I'm not a big fan of sit starts, most of the time they are all about strength rather than technique.  That's my excuse anyway, one of them, there's plenty more where that came from......
Photos and Video : NEClimber and Steven Phelps
A free guide to climbing at Stoupe Brow is available from climbonline here
A guide (50p) to bouldering at Stoupe Brow available from betaguides here

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