Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Quiet Side Of Scugdale

     A little video of some problems at Barkers' Crag at Scugdale, Days End Buttress and Ampitheatre Buttress.  Although close to the 'popular' end of Scuggy it's always quiet at Barkers' and it's a rarity to see anyone else there.
     Had a good day on my own today, you wouldn't normally see me with my top off but it was so hot I was absolutely dripping.  Not the best of days for climbing to be honest, all the handholds felt really slippery and insecure because of the heat.  The last problem, Tall Tales, a route I did in 2010, is my only new route at Scugdale.  I've failed to repeat it on my last few visits so was surprised today with conditions being like they were.  If your wondering why I'm in my underpants it's because my jeans just wouldn't give me the flexibility to reach the first foothold.  I failed five times with trousers on, took them off and got it first time!
     I don't take myself too seriously, all the routes are pretty easy by today's standards and I put music over the top to break the silence.

Free guides to all of Scugdales crags available from climbonline here

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