Saturday, 11 February 2012

An Unsuccessful Recce

     With so many new venues being discovered on the moors recently it makes me slightly frustrated that given I have had so much free time it wasn't me who found them.  So I headed to Swainby to check out some outcrops I'd seen on google earth.  Lovely weather for a walk today, cold and blue skies and after some heavy uphill on rubbish ground I found what I had seen from above, what looked like a series of small quarries running along the hillside.  The landings were ok, shame about the rock, much of it shattered, very vegetated and only limited possibilities.  Still, a good mooch out.

     On the way back down, I headed over onto the open hillside above the sheepwash road to see some rock that's obvious from below.  The area underneath looks to be popular with the local sheep but some of the rock looked quite good, one little wall and a small pinnacle in particular.  They have probably been clambered on before but might be worth a return with the shoes if in the area again.

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